I feel really crappy right now. mostly it's dance class. when it sucks, so does the rest of your day. I did a miserable job on the pirouettes combination. It would be okay if I knew I could do better, but I don't. The most hopeful thing I can think right now is that perhaps it will improve with time. Why do I let my moods be controlled that way? And in English Jackie's group did a really awesome presentation, so now I get to go spend another couple hours touching up my part. You could tell that he did a LOT of revising...of OTHER people's writing. Some of his group members were just reading some original Jackie aloud. why doesn't he just go to honors and let us poor non-honors material type kids alone?

"You know, you wake up and look out the window. It's beautiful and sunny. Then you have a bad class and the day is ruined."
-Toni Bentley
from Winter Season


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