Last night I watched Bend it Like Beckham. It was okay. Script sucked though. And everyone talked really fast. Dunno if that's a British thing or if that's just the actors. I'm caught up in math now...amazingly enough. I never do my homework the night it's I'm usually a night or two behind. Tomorrow I have a "meeting" with my counselor...i think she wants to meet everybody. You know what's really good? Frozen banana slices. Bananas are definitely my favorite fruit...I heard about this trilogy Tuesday thing, when movie theaters are playing all of the lord of the rings movies, one after the other. I would LOVE to go to that but it's probably already sold out, just like the ROTK premier. But even if it wasn't, I couldn't get tickets cause you need some sort of code schmutz to buy them online. Fandango really, really sucks.


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