hobbits are stupid, throw rocks at them.

iheartcrabs: you know what!?
hobbitsoup: what
iheartcrabs: this kid at lowell was dressed up as frodo
hobbitsoup: REALLY?
hobbitsoup: ahhhhhhh!!!!!!
iheartcrabs: would you rather make him into hobbit noodle soup, or hobbit and veggie soup?
hobbitsoup: veggie
iheartcrabs: i really hate that kid though
iheartcrabs: let's boil him alive, alright?
hobbitsoup: who was it
iheartcrabs: i don't know
hobbitsoup: egg him
iheartcrabs: Woo!
hobbitsoup: on freshman friday
iheartcrabs: we already had that
iheartcrabs: next year then
hobbitsoup: now!
iheartcrabs: or...rocks!
iheartcrabs: yay!
hobbitsoup: Yippie


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