I spent a while looking at my yearbooks last night and this morning. It's really, really depressing. It's not about memories...just nostalgia. Sucks that everyone was split up. Yet it kind of annoys me how all the Hoover people stick together at Lowell. I mean, I do it, but I guess I can see the upside of going to a school where you didn't know anybody. You would meet people. And I do have some new friends...but still, coming from Hoover definitely impairs your potential "fresh start".

I'm gonna have a shadow next Tuesday or the Tuesday after. Her name's Carrie and she's from Bridgmont. Yay.

Remember the 8th grade picnic? Kind of stupid, yet we the deprived city children made do and managed to enjoy ourselves despite stupid pool regulations, lack of vegetarian food, and the beach being contaminated with radiation or something.


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