So. I left my jacket and lunchbox in my locker. I left my fast pass in my pocket of my jacket. I just realize this as I am getting on the bus. I try to sneak on, because after all I did pay for the fast pass. Anyway, the bus driver called me dishonest, made me get off the bus, and then tried to run me over. (luckily, Maggie was at the M stop and she had 35 cents.) But isn't life hard enough without bus drivers (and we all know what an intelligent lot they are) ganging up on you? That horrible driver must have a lot of bad karma right now. "Civil servants"...yeah right. They get paid, it's not like they're volunteering. And it's easy work, just sitting on their butts, driving all day, ripping little pieces of paper in half and handing them to someone. And some of them do that weird thing with the rubber band to eliminate that last task.


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