Today started out all right, although Krolikowski was rather rude. I was feeling super during dance, really hyper and happy, although not so much by the end. By the wye I don't like Jasmine's choreography very much. And of course math killed the Happy. During lunch Yael told me that Dorie was coming to visit. I got super excited , but Dorie wasn't there by the end of mod 13. I went to German feeling crappy and very let down. I checked in the courtyard after class; she wasn't there then either. I was a contrary brat in English, and was feeling even worse when Dorie wasn't there at mod 18 either. I called her later in the evening, and it was sort of awkard, but it would have been okay if I hadn't started whining and complaining. I could tell I annoyed her and made her feel sort of bad. You know, I would never talk about myself this much if I was actually speaking to someone. So please, forgive me. I've been a selfish brat for a lot of today. As Morgan would say -



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