what if we went to italy/ a suitcase of books and one bag a piece for the summer/ i don't speak a word of italian/ except for campari and soda for two, how much is a lire/ yes, a villa will do and a breeze in tuscany please

what if we spent all of our days, improving our minds, learning new ways to be lazy/ it wouldn't be too much of a strain/ relax after breakfast 'til lunch comes around/ can't wait for dinner, oh, i need to lie down/ and refuel, out by the pool

what if the ancients were lazy like us/ too blissed out to paint, to sketch or to sculpt/ just as relaxed as the tower of pisa/ not ever missing that old mona lisa

what if we never got back on the plane/ as summer turned colder and then warmer again/ losing all track of the passing of years/ 'til it no longer mattered how long we'd been here

what if we went to italy/ maybe next year, just you and me for the summer/ i still can't speak any italian/ but words are replaced under siennese skies/ by nothing so much as a nod, and a sigh, and a wish to be always like this

mary chapin carpenter


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