yup. it's mod 18, which for me basically stands for boredom. I worked really hard on my vocab for da rosa's class. I remembered to print it off, and I even stapled it. Then what? I forget to put it in my binder. Hopefully I'll be able to mooch a note off of Mutti so that she won't take of points for lateness. Mom's driving me to ballet today, which is awesome. Usually I have to catch the M, which means I have to speedwalk from school. It's miserable, really. I'm a strolling kind of person. Elizabeth teaches today. I don't have to work as hard because she's not as important and probably won't effect whether I get moved up or not. I think I'm doing well, and I hope beyond hope that I'll get moved up in January, or even December! I'll definitely have fallen behind in pointe though. And I'm worried that when I do move up, I'll be back to my old quality of dancing since it's a bit harder. And, argh, Richard will be doing that *slow blink. stare.* thing he does when he thinks that you're doing horrible. Forgive me my rants. I talk about ballet a lot and I'm not even very good. I hope you don't get the impression that I am. Connie and people were talking about visiting SOTA and I was really excited about it, but then someone pointed out that since I don't get out til 3:30, I wouldn't be able to. Unless I was able to get a PTL to miss da Rosa's class. = D Which is not going to happen, of course.


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