I think a lot of the people in Ballet 5 are kind of stupid. For your entertainment, a sample of locker room conversation.

Ballet 5 Girl #1: "Chloe, I think your boobs are bigger than mine."

Ballet 5 Girl #2: "No, they just look bigger because she's so tiny."

Ballet 5 Girl #3: "Thank you. Hey, do you think this leotard makes me look fat?"

Ballet 5 Girl #2: "No, it looks cute on you."

Ballet 5 Girl #3: "You're always honest. You don't always say that I look good, because I don't always look good. If I don't look good, you say so. So I know that I can trust you."

Ballet 5 Girl #2: "Right, so when I say you look good, you know that you really do."

Ballet 5 Girl #3: "Right. Do you think I should wear my hair high or low? I think low, because I look like a she-man when it's high."

Ballet 5 Girl #1: "I think my butt is getting bigger."

Ballet 5 Girl #2: "I think you should put some clothes on."

Ballet 5 Girl #3: "Hey, let's pull up our tights really high and keep them that way for the entire class."


Summermoon 2/03/2009 3:20 PM  

I must say I have heard this exact same conversation before. :P

cuileann 2/03/2009 4:56 PM  

Ha! I suppose it is rather archetypal. :)

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