I'm at school, so I was finally able to visit sara's xanga. you have to wade through some confusing conversations about puberty and butts if you want to get to a real post, but it's very yellow monkey.


I got a lot of shopping done this weekend. went to stonestown with Jocie, got presents for Morgan, Rebecca, Mom, and...that's all I can remember. Then later somewhere else I got my Secret santa's present.

I got a video from the library for my modern world project, and it was really boring. I watched about 15 minutes, and it seemed like about 45. I had to turn it in late and pay a dollar, and all for naught. darn.



Summermoon 5/29/2009 6:08 PM  

Once again I find myself in your archives...

I cannot understand how puberty and butts are not a real post! I think you're too picky.

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