Sara was at Lowell! All day on Wednesday! In German, I kept turning around to talk to Grace or Peter or something and she would be gone, from her shadow seat in the back, and that would startle me. And then I would look around a few seconds later and she would be there, grinning scarily. It was kinda freaky. And then yesterday, I turned around again and THERE SHE WAS smiling so eerily in her white puffy jacket. I think I screamed a bit. It was brilliant, man. Sara besuchen macht Spass.

and THEN right after school pretty much me and Connie went to the CORONET (the coolest theater) to see THE RETURN OF THE KING an entire week it came out. We had spiffy spiffy seats, no one was even sitting in the seats directly in front of us. We only had to wait in line for about a minute, because Carter was near the front and we got to cut. Mr. Kim got us popcorn and we were sitting with Connie's friend Mia, who I don't know but seemed really nice. Also very LOTR-knowledgeable. We had to kill about 40 minutes before the movie, but it went pretty fast. Then the lights dimmed and the curtains parted (yes, they have curtains at the coronet. very cool.) and on came the new line cinema logo and "wingnut pictures presents". no previews. and then the movie! IT WAS AMAZING!

but now the journery is over and there shall be no more gorgeous films about wizards and beautiful elves and evil rings and furry-footed hobbits. we don't want the journey to end...


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