On Sunday we went up to Tahoe. We were supposed to go on Saturday but some roads were closed so we couldn't. We all went skiing (or in my and my sister's case, snowboarding). It was freezing. haha, what a weird word that is. Say it to yourself a few times. Anyway I had an okay time. Except I spent literally two hours putting on/ taking off layers because I was cold/ hot, trying to get into the stupid locker, and waiting for people at the bottom of the slope so that they could help me get into the stupid locker. Stupid thing is tiny, and you have to pay 75 cents every time you want to lock it. It got better after lunch, except when this little kid who was learning how to snowboard smashed into me. My butt still hurts. I feel bad because I gave him an angry look for a second, but then I saw he was just a little sad-eyed boy. And then his teacher came over and yelled at him. I felt sorry for him. There actually wasn't too much traffic driving back home - surprising, but nice of course. We watched Daddy Day Care and Green Card (love that movie) in the car.

I wish I had my own bathroom so much. Me and my big sister are always fighting over who gets to use it first. It's really not fair - I always let her go first when she had a 1/2 class. She would always whine at me - "Hollyyyy, that's not faaair, I have to get up at six thiiiirty." Not to mention there's always some sort of disgusting schmutz left in the shower. Sigh. When I get my own apartment or whatever I'll have my own shower, and it'll be the cleanest one on the planet. Clean like a whistle. Haha. Don't know where that came from.

Ah well. Must go do my math homework.


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