Woo. In the spirit of Connieland, I've decided to post a never-mailed letter I found recently. Yep, I'm a biter. Munch munch.


Dear Bernadette,
We are very disappointed at your attitude towards the Munchie Kingdom, The Munchie Club, and altogether Munchies. We would like to se a definant and permanent improvement in your enthusiasm. We would also like you to have more dedication towards the MM & Tech club. We are very serious. We will be watching you very closely. In a few days it will be revealed where your loyalties lie. Don't underestime us. We don't want this to happen, if we don't see an obvious and permanent improvement in your attitude, there will be a penalty.
Your Royal Friends,
Jocelyn L. and Holly O.

Hehehehe. You won't get what we're talking about, but don't you love all my 1984-esque threats, followed by that lovely signing off: "your royal friends"?

More to follow.


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