Darn it! DARN...Yesterday and Friday I forgot to get my resource card stamped, not to mention Monday, when there was no school, but we still have to do resource. So curses, I am five mods behind. Not only that, I can't do them on Friday, which is make-up day, because that's my language lab day! Why do they have to make us do both!? Why can't language lab count for resource? I mean, I'm going to be giving up my scant few lunch mods for the next two weeks for stupid resource. Oh how i HATE it! Not to mention that I am two days behind on my math assignments. All I'm asking for is forty minutes a day to eat and socialize with my friends. Stupid school. I HATE resource.


Aren of Taiger 11/09/2007 8:26 PM  

Heh, do you still HATE resource? :D What is it anyone's?

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