I just got back from the SFBS audition. It was actually pretty fun. I made friends with one girl from Morganhill. Interesting - I asked what ballet school she went to, but not her name. So I got there around 12:50, registered, stretched, and all that. The audition was supposed to start at 1:30, but they decided to make it two classes, so I didn't go until about 2:45. We had a quick barre in a huge studio. I made a lot of typo-ish mistakes and I think I was kind of mediocre/bad in general at the barre. Then we got into rows at the center and learned the adagio. We went with the other girls in our row, so six at a time. I was fourth or fifth out of maybe fifteen rows. Then pirouettes, some warm-up changements, petit allegro, and grand allegro. Except for grand allegro and adagio, my dancing ranged from ok to kind of bad. I did pretty good on grand allegro - we went two at a time. One of the judges smiled when I was done - was it me or my partner, or something that had nothing to do with the audition? Then we put on our pointe shoes, did some echappes to warm-up or feet, and then had one short combination across the floor - pique turns, a tombe pas de bourree en pointe, and a pirouette, and we did it a bunch of times. One girl didn't do the pirouettes at all - once she just took a retiree releve, but sometimes she just stayed in plie. I think that was a bad idea. Some people looked downright scared when they took their turn - unfortunate - and everybody made some mistakes, cause we were all nervous and we didn't have very long to get the combinations down. Nobody was incredible, but some people were pretty good. Nobody seemed like an obvious choice to accept into the program.

Afterwards I was talking to the girl from Morganhill. I said the teacher (Ms. Govrin) was really nice, and she misheard and thought I said she danced really nice, or her piques were really nice. But that's fine. She smiled really big and said I did really well too. And when I was washing my hands in the bathroom the girl who came in, who I didn't know and hadn't spoken to, just said that I did a really good job. Oh yeah, it was so cut-throat. *snort* No, the dancers were all really nice.

What a nice day.


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