I'm actually good at math, but no believes me and I'll never be able to prove it...

Haha, brilliant! I got a C not a C- in modern world last grading period! Old hag da Rosa, you have not defeated me! I got a C, not a C-, and this cup, this red card of resource shame, has passed from me! Haha!

I took a, quote, advanced, unquote, pointe class at Star Dance on Tuesday and a regular technique class and a short pointe class yesterday. Tuesday was challenging, even though I was better than most of the people in that class. Wednesday was just fun. It was nice to see my old teacher, too. And we got to do a grand allegro - a real grand allegro, mind you, not those stupid tombe-pirouette combinations we have in ballet 4 at academy - and it was really, really fun. Odd. I haven't had a sote d'chat in months. I was delighted to discover that mine is still quite good, at least to the right. my goodness, it is so odd to think that ballet can be fun. That jump alone was worth the $15! Watch the Princess Diaries, Mia does a quasi- grand jete when she jumps over Josh in the softball scene.

pointe shoes: $54

monthly tuition: $400

hair gel: $2.95

the perfect sote d'chat: priceless



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