A dance in the air

Allow me to present an excerpt from "The White Widow," a lovely short dance performed in the film The Company, and an excellent example of aerial ballet. Very dream-like, and oh-so graceful. I feel like saying she looks like a bird or a butterfly, but her flight is a wingless one; she is a more a miraculous sort of spider -- hence the title. I love the lighting.

This video isn't nearly as good quality, but it contains the dance in its entirety, the cinematography isn't as interfering, and you can see better how the lighting creates a spiderweb to which the dancer is confined. It looked like the shadows of a tree's branches before I realized the significance of the title, but I can see how it's a web now.

Choreography by Moses Pendleton and Cynthia Quinn of MOMIXMusic: "The World Spins," by Julee Cruise


Miss Elizabeth Bennett 12/16/2007 8:29 PM  

I remember you sending that to me a while ago. It is so beautiful. It makes you want to dance, even on the ground.

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