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My life in six words...hmm...

I have much; I seek much.

Not too exciting, but I think that's a good summary of my life, especially right now.

Hum de dum. So many people have done this already; I think I'll take the easy way out and say, if you're reading this and haven't, do it, unless you don't want to.

Secondly, from Nerd Goddess:
Share seven random things about yourself!

1. Whenever I say or hear someone say, "The sun is shining," I feel a strong urge to add, "The weather is sweet" (Bob Marley) or "The tank is clean-" (Finding Nemo).

2. I'm home on spring break right now, and yesterday I rode my bike to the co-op by the beach to buy incense, granola, and some special flours. Then I rode along the beach path and people-watched and stood in the waves! It was fabulous! Oh, and now the groceries smell strongly of nag champa (incense). Muahaha.

3. My bangs are behaving badly in the more humid air of San Francisco. I have to straighten them once or twice a day. I've always considered straightener-dependency rather hateful, but now it's one of my own vices. Sigh.

4. Last night I was doing laundry, and needed the dryer. My sister's clothes were in there, and I needed to take them out, but she was asleep and there wasn't any basket around to put them in. So I put them on a piece of furniture in the dining room. Based on what I heard from her this morning before she left for school, I think I have provoked her wrath. Bah!

5. I am getting over an addiction to Sara Groves's song "When The Saints."

6. I miss my friends from my dorm and cannot wait to see them again.

7. I have three short German papers to write while I'm home, and I am worried.

So you're supposed to tag seven people, but I feel like given the number of bloggers in this circle-like thing we have going on, that's a bit high. How about Ani Isilee and Bohae?


Ani Isilee 3/10/2008 12:26 PM  

Hehe, I love numbers two, four(which I am quite guilty of),and 5.
Good luck with those German papers! :)

I'll try to do this later tonight or tomorrow morning. :)

Bohae 3/10/2008 4:45 PM  

Oops - it seems I've already been tagged for the seven things meme. :(
Sorry! (Maybe I'll do it again in the future.)

Erin 3/13/2008 12:15 PM  

I like your memoir!

Felicity 3/13/2008 3:41 PM  

Ahhh! I am semi-guilty of 5. But... the addiction is to... mostly "How Is It Between Us", but really all of her songs.

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