I could publish a San Francisco quote every Thursday, but that might be a bit much...for you, not me

"San Francisco takes strange hold on the hearts of man. Even the most insensitive individual is conscious at times of this attraction, but it appears most importunately to young people, newspapermen, poets, and other sub-varieties of lunacy. For them (to whom Paris seems a weary bawd; and Vienna a gay girl-widow, and Chicago the 'hog butcher to the world'), San Francisco is the gray-eyed mistress of sea captains, not young, but youthful, not old, but wise, a comrade of youth, a lover of the vigorous and adventurous, always a gazer over blue water, with the salt upon her face."
– George Dyer
I love this description of my city! Not to mention being classified as a lunatic. :)


hwalk 3/20/2008 8:00 AM  

San Francisco is beautiful. I went there once, when I was pretty young, but I still remember it. Foggy, and beautiful.

Q 3/20/2008 2:05 PM  

I want to go to San Francisco again. It's been so long.

Bohae 3/21/2008 5:22 AM  

What a coincidence - the book I'm reading is set (mainly) in the city of San Francisco... :)

Teresa 9/15/2009 3:37 PM  

I love my home :) this quote rocks.

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