I haven't really stopped being a child who does crazy things.

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1. I climbed doorframes.
2. When new people were at our house, I would run and get our Barbie tent, then proudly show them how I could squeeze myself into it.
3. I tried to take pictures of scenes on the television screen. Oh, and extremely close-up shots of our pet rats' faces.
4. When we took long car drives (read: seven or eight hours), I was most comfortable sleeping with my body curled up in the seat and my head on the floor.
5. I would make lists of hundreds of horse names and write descriptions of each horse's physical characteristics and personality. When I got bored in church, I would start writing them out from memory on the attendance sheet-like things in the pews.

Hm...I'm not much for tagging. If you want to do it, please go ahead, or send me a brainwave and then I'll tag you here.


Anilee 3/28/2008 8:49 AM  

Oh, I'm laughing hysterically about #4.

Erin 3/29/2008 12:50 PM  


Sarah Louise 3/31/2008 6:31 PM  

doorframe climbing sounds intriguing...

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