A Fable

Once upon a time there was a girl who loved ballet very much and went to many ballet classes each week with her hair in a nice netted, gelled pincushion of a bun. But, ballet did not love her, or at least not her feet, or at least ballet teachers did not love her feet. Though they were pleasingly calloused and could hold the girl up in toe shoes, they were NOT beautifully pointy, well-arched banana feet!

What sorrow.

But then several years later, this girl found some doctors who liked her feet very much, who were so interested in the lingering white impressions that their fingertips left on these feet that they wanted to have the feet around all the time. So she went to see these doctors and med students all the time to let them visit with her feet. Not as often as she had gone to ballet school, but still.

Moral: Even if it takes you a few years to find them, there are always people somewhere who will appreciate your unique traits and gifts.


hwalk 2/12/2009 12:44 PM  

This is funny, and yet makes me think.

Q 2/12/2009 1:49 PM  

This was adorable, yet profound.

Priya 2/12/2009 3:05 PM  

Haha, very nice.

Bambola 2/12/2009 3:48 PM  

=) Great post.

One man's trash is another man's treasure?

Just because you don't fit in one group, doesn't mean you don't fit in any group. It's a great reminder...thanks Cuileann

Bambola x

Cassandra 2/12/2009 4:53 PM  

You must have magical feet. ;)

Summermoon 2/13/2009 3:15 AM  

I hope those feet realise just how special they truly are. Who likes banana feet anyway?

Traci 2/13/2009 12:34 PM  

wow.. that was good :)

cuileann 2/13/2009 2:55 PM  

Cassandra - Actually just crappy circulation...haha!

Summermoon - :) They are quite preferred in the dance world, but oh well. I don't live there anymore.

mermaid 2/15/2009 10:05 PM  

this is quirky, cute, and random - but it speaks volumes to me. thank you thank you.

odessa 2/17/2009 10:10 PM  

oh, i love this! it made me sad but it made me happy more than it made me sad, if that makes sense. sorry i'm a little loopy from painkillers.

cuileann 2/20/2009 1:58 AM  

Haha, thanks and welcome, Mermaid. :)

Odessa - Oh, I'm glad. I wrote this feeling much darker than seems to have come across, so it's good to hear that it conveys a little bit of something besides cheerfulness...

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