Cupcakes and cherry blossoms


Bambola 4/20/2009 8:41 PM  

Gorgeous photos!! That cupcake looks SOOOOO good! Is it a red velvet one?


Cuileann 4/20/2009 8:48 PM  

Bambola - Strawberry/strawberry, actually, although I do love a good red velvet.

Danielle 4/20/2009 8:54 PM  

Wow, that's so perfect.

pinkapplecore 4/20/2009 9:10 PM  

Oh Oh oh I love the first one!!! so so pretty!

R. 4/20/2009 9:48 PM  

That is some astounding photography!


Cassandra 4/21/2009 12:06 AM  

Happiness, this. :D

Beth Kephart 4/21/2009 2:39 AM  

This place looks intoxicatingly familiar....

Summermoon 4/21/2009 4:28 AM  

I would like to eat that cupcake.

syd vicious 4/21/2009 7:57 AM  

Gorgeous photos! That cupcake looks yummy.

Hmmm, Lillian Gish films I'd recommend... unfortunately some of the films she starred in were pretty racist (especially those directed by D.W. Griffith). I guess that was just the sad nature of Hollywood back then. However, she was in a 1926 version of The Scarlet Letter which I have been wanting to see.

mixedblessings89 4/21/2009 12:57 PM  

It was once said, "if there is a heaven, it is here, it is here, it is here"

Erin 4/21/2009 12:57 PM  

Such prettiness.

Priya 4/21/2009 8:12 PM  

That cupcake is making me seriously hungry right now. :)

Gem 4/21/2009 11:55 PM  

so pretty! and that cupcake looks AWESOME. now i'm hungry for cake :D

Cheray Natalie 4/22/2009 3:15 AM  

Those photos are gorgeous (and the cupcake looks delicious!)

Cuileann 4/22/2009 6:43 PM  

Danielle - Yes. A fairy tale of a morning.

pinkapplecore - Thank you! I loove koi...some of my favorite characters to write into my stories.

R. - Thank you! I'm glad you liked them.

Cassandra - Quite. :)

Beth Kephart - Hmm...well, have you been to the Japanese Tea Gardens in San Francisco?

Summermoon - Maybe I can foist one onto your brother for you?

syd vicious - Oh, thanks for the rec! I'll have to see what my library has of hers.

Aditi - Oh my. I really, really love that. I think that is so true...

aipingplum 4/08/2010 2:27 PM  

I absolutely love these pics. You caught a moment in nature.

cuileann 4/08/2010 6:28 PM  

aipingplum - Thank you! It was a lovely outing with my mama...perhaps we'll recreate it the next time you come to the city. :)

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