Day-late confessions

Odessa was telling me about a woman she knows who will go hungry in order to save up more quickly for a new handbag. Of course I was thinking, How shallow...but then I remembered, I still went to Iceland even though the only way I could afford it was by missing enough meals to come back seven pounds lighter. [Which I don't regret, but it was stupid. It made me weaker and way colder and more neurotic, and screwed up my metabolism and appetite for a couple weeks.]

Although, travel really is cooler than a handbag.

I really hate being out with a kid I'm babysitting when it starts acting up. Then I end up being the one dragging the screaming kid around. It always makes me wish I could announce to everyone else present that I am not a bad person, and in fact usually get along fine with children.

Summermoon made me a mixtape, and it is a very excellent mix. However, there is one track on it which is from a children's singalong CD, this little chant about liking your boots and skirt and I like YOU! which I thought was kind of amusingly alternative until she told me where it was from. Now I don't like it as much. I'm not sure what to think about myself.


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