Rainy-day sweetness

Can I say "Goodness!" as an observation, a descriptor? A verdict?

Here is where I live, in my parents' house, which is full of space and creaking floorboards and cool daylight, which is slowly changing color on the outside in the rain.

And here it is a day for humming, for wearing thick socks, for making my favorite vanilla cupcake recipe carefully, for listening to Yael Naïm for a while.

My cat is sleeping in the pale gray-day light that she believes is warm, and on streets I can't see from this kitchen, there is the sound of cars rushing through the rain.


Cassandra 5/05/2009 1:53 PM  

Cupcakes! <3

Sarah Louise 5/05/2009 1:55 PM  

um, but it's not Friday...

fairy cakes <3


Cuileann 5/05/2009 1:58 PM  

Sarah Louise - But it's ABOUT Friday. Gosh...hehe.

Marie DeVries 5/05/2009 2:40 PM  

you write so beautifully...

Priya 5/05/2009 3:13 PM  

Why does your cooking always look so good???

Beth Kephart 5/05/2009 3:56 PM  

One of the things that sets you apart is that you appreciate the life you have, right now.

Cuileann 5/05/2009 7:43 PM  

Marie - Thank you. :)

Priya - The real question is whether I make ugly food and simply don't post pictures of it, hm?

Beth - There is no other compliment I would rather receive. Thank you so much.

pinkapplecore 5/05/2009 8:28 PM  

aw yummy!!

Bambola 5/05/2009 8:34 PM  

Ahw.... I think I might have to visit my folks & bake tonight! They look so tasty!!

Sara 5/06/2009 12:22 AM  

Oh, I might try this recipe, the cupcakes look YUMMY! thanks for sharing

Erin 5/06/2009 9:36 AM  


Cheray Natalie 5/06/2009 5:14 PM  

They look delicious! :) yummm!
I've always wanted creaking floorboards ...

mixedblessings89 5/08/2009 12:42 PM  


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