Things that are making me happy

Interesting abandoned objects. Recent sidewalk finds: shards of a record, sparkly butterfly ornament made of feathers, a puzzle piece, a sheet of smiley stickers.

Real mail.

Walking back from the produce store with my groceries on my head. Just like a third-world-country woman returning from a distant water source, right?

A photo shoot I had with an old porcelain doll that I was about to give away. I'm vair pleased with the pictures, and yes, I used one of them for the new header.

Work and potential work. This weekend I temped for one of those places that does bouquets of fruit. It was tiring (among other things, I dipped somewhere around 1500 strawberries in chocolate, no exaggeration), but the other Mother's Day temps were great, and income is good. And right now, I'm still in the running for a position at a doggy daycare, which to me sounds way too fun to be a real job. Anyways, I must have applied for twenty jobs by now, so it's nice to have some real leads.

The photos that I ordered from PinkAppleCore's Etsy shop came in the mail, and they are such the best on my wall.

I found the ending for my letter to my astronaut sister. And it was one of the winning entries in Beth Kephart's contest for a signed copy of one of her books. :) Congratulations to Maya, Q, and Erin, good friends of mine who are also the other winners. [I feel like this validates my sense that I have excessive good luck in bloggy friends. Like if two people from the family won a Nobel Prize? You would have to say, They must be doing something right.]


Cassandra 5/13/2009 4:23 PM  

I love the picture. I also know this is the WEIRDEST thing to say ever, but your feet remind me of my former best friend's.

pinkapplecore 5/13/2009 4:34 PM  

Oh i'm so glad the pictures arrived okay! I always worry something will happen to them. ^. ^ yay!

Q 5/13/2009 5:33 PM  

I feel like I recognize that book. Do I?

Congratulations to you, too!

Cuileann 5/13/2009 6:54 PM  

Cassandra - Hahaha! It's okay, thanks.

pinkapplecore - I know, our mail system is all modern and reliable but I still wonder sometimes if misfortune won't befall my letters while they're en route.

Q - I just checked; it's Loose Threads, by Lorie Ann Grover.

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