Hadley Freeman on confessional journalism and female writers.

Scribbles is always so wise.

A photo series about the weird boundaries between wilderness and civilization.

Resisting Objectifying Advertising: fills me with righteous glee and inspiration!

A poem store? Sometimes I love San Franciscans so much I don't know what to do.

Priya has reviewed Romeo and Juliet. It delights me that she offers a critique of the text, because it seems like so often people just take it for granted that Shakespeare's work is genius and if you don't like something about it, that's an issue with you and not with his writing.


Sookie 7/04/2009 2:28 PM  

Thanks for the links! I especially like the photos of civilization/wildnerness. I can't tell you why, but it always makes me sad to see a caged bird.

Erin 7/04/2009 3:50 PM  

Ohhh my goodness. Thank you, for all of these.

Priya 7/05/2009 9:31 AM  

Thank you for linking me! And thanks for the other links too... all very interesting.

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