Saturday, old long light, we keep driving.

We saw these three horses at the edge of their pasture, right by the road, so we pulled onto the shoulder and got out.

Icelandic horses are rather special.

They were all over the countryside, and usually with no farm in sight, the way cows are in parts of California. All shaggy with their winter coats.

The sun would stand that way for ages. The light was like this, like the sun was either just beginning to rise or just finishing setting, for most of the time that there was any.

The wind builds up in the afternoon until the sun goes down, then it gets stiller.

E. driving.

Once we were out of Reykjavík and away from the three stops of the Golden Circle [Þingvellir, Haukadalur, and Gullfoss], the road was generally empty of other cars.


Priya 7/03/2009 2:30 PM  

Awww. The horses look so... majestic (especially in the third pic).

Cassandra 7/03/2009 3:51 PM  

Oh! Oh!

I am absolutely in love with the third picture. *-*

cuileann 7/03/2009 3:57 PM  

Cassandra - I really like that one too. Thank you!

pinkapplecore 7/03/2009 9:19 PM  

I love all the photos!! <3

FrancoB. 7/03/2009 9:55 PM  

wow that's so fucking cool! the scenery looks so fantasy ish!

Georgie K. Buttons 7/05/2009 7:53 PM  

Very pretty.

Bambola 7/06/2009 11:04 PM  

Photos 1, 2, 3, 4, 7 are amazing. I love the third one, and the one where you're petting it.

The sunlight captured looks magical

Beth Kephart 7/07/2009 4:55 AM  

Lord, I'm glad I just stopped by your blog.

And I know this is out of order and all, but: Australia! Perfect Hair! Happiness.

I want to hug you.

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