These days are too golden [stay]

What to say?

This is the only picture I took. My sister when she was getting ready. I'll give you a link when the photographer's website puts up the professional photos.

The ceremony was beautiful. It was outside, where it was over 100 degrees, so the wedding party members may have been sweating like pigs a little bit, in our non-breathing dresses and three-piece suits. But very invisibly, thanks to our genius wedding planner's supply of pressed powder.

My sister and her husband wrote their own vows, and they were my absolute favorite part of the ceremony.

The reception was so beautiful, and an absolute blast. There were strings of big lights and paper lanterns in the trees. Italian food. We young 'uns had a fabulous time dancing, around the fountain and then on the fountain and then in the fountain. I smacked my little sister upside the head for stealing my red wine. We sang "Happy Birthday" to her. [She turned seventeen today.]

I got to see a ton of old friends and family friends, which I loved. I didn't have to stay and talk too long with any of them because someone new was always calling me for a picture or a hug. Bridesmaidenly duties ftw!

I've decided I really like toasting. Love on people and wish wonderful things for them together, and savor each wish with a sip of champagne? A tradition lovely enough to justify its existence.

Now I've showered off my wedding grime and I'm utterly punchy, watching SNL with my aunt and dad and cousin, and not thinking that straight.

Hm...what else?


Em 7/19/2009 12:55 AM  

Awww It sounds/looks lovely :D YAY for them!

tangobaby 7/19/2009 3:22 AM  

How wonderful... what a lovely description. Congratulations!

Beth Kephart 7/19/2009 5:52 AM  

a tear in my eye.

pinkapplecore 7/19/2009 7:40 AM  

I nearly fell off my bed laughing when I read "young uns" ^ .^ hahahaha

Priya 7/19/2009 9:18 AM  

Glad the wedding went well!

Summermoon 7/19/2009 9:43 PM  

I can't wait to see the photos, it all sounds so lovelay.

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