Sunday climbing hills with Beth

One of my very favorite bloggers, author Beth Kephart, was in San Francisco this weekend.

We met up in Union Square. She narrates it better than I can.

My heart kind of hurts on the way homes, with happiness and bewilderment, in this too-full sort of way. Why, why, why do I get to know the people that I know? Why these immense blessings? It's more than anyone could deserve.

With a woman looking over my shoulder on the streetcar, I write, Do I ever get used to these gifts? No, not really.

The best thing about blogging is the friends it's given me. Thank you.


Priya 8/24/2009 9:15 PM  

I'm glad you and Beth got to meet together! I wish I had been there. :)

pinkapplecore 8/24/2009 10:07 PM  

aw that's cool, I haven't met any blogger friends yet but I hope that changes someday and I got your letter!! I'll send one back really soon.

Beth Kephart 8/25/2009 8:35 AM  

Holly, it happens to you because you are you—a very special spirit that floats out toward us all.

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