Progress report [summer goals]

- read three plays by Shakespeare [read Othello and The Winter's Tale, reading Much Ado About Nothing]

- plan and save for a trip to take later this year

- take a good portrait of a stranger [with permission; sneaky portraits don't count]

- make vanilla frosting that is neither too thin nor too sweet

- read one book in another language [reading the German translation of The Horse and His Boy]

- buy a waterproof camera and take some pictures underwater


Alla 8/08/2009 6:15 PM  

A good list of achievable goals! I especially like the goal of making a good vanilla frosting. I had a cupcake for my birthday that had the sickliest and sweetest vanilla frosting and it was simply revolting! Let us know when you have the perfect recipe!

Where in Australia are you going to visit this year?

pinkapplecore 8/08/2009 9:00 PM  

i've seen a few people that I have wanted to take a picture of but was to nervous to ask them ...kinda figured they would say no

Georgie K. Buttons 8/08/2009 9:37 PM  

Too sweet vanilla frosting is no fun. Let me know when you find some that works, 'cause I always make it wrong.

jamie 8/10/2009 1:03 PM  

which plays are you reading?

cuileann 8/13/2009 3:41 PM  

Alla & Georgie - Definitely will let you know about the frosting. I need to get on that. Alla, I'm going to Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, and Gold Coast. Wish I were hitting Tasmania this time; I'd love to meet you!

pinkapplecore - I think it depends on the context...I feel like most people would be flattered.

Jamie - I read Othello and The Winter's Tale, and I picked Much Ado About Nothing for the third one.

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