Things that are making me happy

Angus & Julia Stone. [for your listening pleasure]

Good feedback from the boss, and learning how to do more stuff at work. Medicare didn't forward this guy's claim to his secondary insurance? Hey man, no worries! I know how to take care of that.

You know those friends you can see after being apart for months or even years and you still get along easy as anything? Yes, I have at least one of those.



New season of Project Runway oh my gosling. Anyone else watch that?

The sound of Brazilian Portuguese.

Tea instead of coffee.

Velociraptor imitations.

Jumping out at people.

Erin's back from filming!

Saving at LEAST $250 by buying older editions of all my textbooks. And it makes me feel like I'm sticking it to the man.



Bambola 8/20/2009 9:26 PM  

Velociraptor imitations!? LOVE

I had a tea instead of a coffee today. I never drink tea during the day. It was a nice change.

My boss had choc covered almonds & shared <3

I had an important meeting without supervision & it went swimmingly!

It's been a great week.

Alla 8/20/2009 9:30 PM  

Angus and Julia Stone <3. I only drink tea now, I went off coffee about a month or so ago and the other day I had one and it made me feel like a junkie having their first hit again and it was horrible, I felt so ill for ages afterwards. Good on you getting cheaper texts, they are such a rip-off sometimes!

This week I have enjoyed realising that my heart has mended,knowing that my parents are having a nice break, looking after myself and working on my thesis at the library- I feel as though I am a better student when I work there!

amanda 8/20/2009 9:41 PM  

yay angus & julia <333
i'm a bit obsessed with peach tea at the moment, it's yummy. we should go to a cool tea place while you're here, there are lots- remind me/add it to your list! :)
& i never buy my schoolbooks new unless i have to- it's just silly!

poppygallico 8/21/2009 12:34 AM  

I am waiting for PR to download um cough waiting six months for it to come to New Zealand.

Congratulations on saving money on text-books! Although many grad students I know would argue that sticking it to the man is photocopying the whole book... erm not that anybody I know would do that...

pinkapplecore 8/21/2009 6:46 AM  

I knew you would come to the tea side! ^. ^ hahahaha

Beth Kephart 8/21/2009 9:42 AM  

I love Project Runway. It's that and Mad Men for moi.

cuileann 8/21/2009 6:46 PM  

Bambola - Good, you deserve goodness & chocolate-covered almonds.

Alla - Yes, same for me, I really like coffee but it does NOT make me feel good. I'm glad your heart is looking mended. <3 And I know what you mean about getting work done at the library!

Amanda - YES yes absolutely. I luff that idea. And textbooks, well used instead of new of COURSE, but I meant getting the tenth edition instead of the eleventh, etc.

Poppy - Are you a grad student? I did not know that, but awesome!

pinkapplecore - "Join the tea side, we have...tea." Harhar. I've *been* a tea-lover, but now it's a monogamous relationship.

Beth - I've heard so much about Mad Men...

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