Things that are making me happy

Dancing and driving at the same time. Traffic jams are underrated, no?

Fake mustaches, tinsel and otherwise.


The bank teller who said "Here you go, my friend," when she gave me my receipt.

A late-morning smoothie date with a friend from high school.

Amanda made me a package! AAHH! I can't wait to meet her and it'll be so great to gad about Perth with her!

I have a major now. Anthropology! I decided this last Sunday. I was doing my anthro reading, and kept thinking, Okay, I could stop now, but not wanting to. So I just read the chapter straight through because I was enjoying it that much.

One of my coworkers called me muffin.

Mochi ice cream.

Decorating my Firefox. [Search for Firefox Personas or AnyColor.]

Online friends and meeting online friends. My dad said this one and I talk like we've known each other since we were six. [Really, we started talking in January and just met last week.]

Catching up on my letters.

Kanyegate spin-off jokes. People on the internet can be so clever.

"'Cause if you knew the truth / you'd think I was crazy! / Think I was insane / 'cause I love you / simple and plain..."


Priya 9/18/2009 5:29 PM  

Fake mustaches? What have you been doing, cuileann???

You have a LOT of drafts :)

pinkapplecore 9/19/2009 7:00 AM  

For me this week it would be

- saving a little kitty

- talking with friends & online friends ;)

- a guy holding the door open and calling me Mam

- almost having a whole theater to Jodi and myself (then right as the movie started 7 people came in)

- being a bit clumsy


odessa 9/19/2009 10:38 AM  

anthropology! love it.

chiara 9/20/2009 12:52 AM  

ANthropology is sooo cool!!!
congrats on the choice!

Every time it rains she just feels a lot better... 9/22/2009 6:08 AM  

Gina Loring! Hurrah!

Sonia. 9/23/2009 8:38 AM  

Ooh I LOVE car dancing with my friends! It's so funny because you go all out and look like complete idiots to other drivers!

gasoline rainbows 4/16/2010 8:17 PM  

gina loring!
did you first hear of her from anna?
because if so, then she traces back to my sister who, after hearing her live, "introduced" her to all of us.
how lovely, if that's the case...

Holly 4/16/2010 9:21 PM  

gasoline rainbows - Why yes, yes I did! :D

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