I have so much to do, but somehow I'm living more slowly and sweetly.

I leave for Australia in six days.

My anthropology class is coming to an end, and I'm working on a short final paper. I'm hoping that once my course load drops down to three classes, I'll finally catch up in Web Development.

Ellie and I are going to the zoo today to see the flamingos and ride the old carousel and eat cotton candy. She's going home on Saturday.

And I'm blogging about nothing, just because I have a few minutes on the computer in which to blog, and I miss it. I'm reading your blogs, just so you know, even though I'm not commenting much.


Erin 10/07/2009 12:08 PM  

Six days...!! We must needs talk before then.

Edge 10/07/2009 1:26 PM  

Ahh, Australia. *is ridiculously jealous*. Nothing is okay. Reading others' nothings makes me happy :)

Sarah Louise 10/07/2009 1:41 PM  

Wow. Australia. Very very cool. And I agree with Edge.


Beth Kephart 10/07/2009 2:02 PM  

Was wondering just today when you will leave. I am eager for you to see that part of the world and eager for your reportage back.

gabi dickinson 10/08/2009 9:00 AM  

SO excited for you! How long will you be in Oz? I have a lot of family in Brisbane and Sydney :)

Maya Ganesan 10/09/2009 10:53 AM  

*So* sorry I haven't been leaving you notes lately.

Enjoy Australia! It's still on my list of places to visit and most likely will remain there for awhile, so I'm glad someone else is getting to go. Tell us all about it when you're back.

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