If you would like to make a small Christmas present to me...


Thank you to gracious Perthite Vagrant Imp/@Vagrant for the account upgrade. It means so much to me that I'm not the only one who cares about what I do. I shan't forget it.

Hey readers,

I've become increasingly frustrated with the free image-hosting options available to me for blogging. Flickr is the best I've found so far, in terms of convenience and retention of image quality, and has the added bonus of being a great tool to connect with other photographers and bloggers. The only issue I have with flickr is the 200-image limit on free accounts.

I've been fine with periodically deleting old pictures from my photostream, but now that I'm using flickr to host the photos that I blog, that's an issue: I don't want my posts here to go image-dead after a few weeks in the archives.

In order to keep my older photos from being deleted to make space for new ones (and thereby also deleted from any blog posts they appeared in), I need to upgrade to a pro account...which costs $24.95.

If you enjoy my photos and this blog, I invite you to make a donation towards my flickr account upgrade.

[for those of you in a reader, there is a "donate" button right there ^]

Because I would like to keep blogging sustainable for me, and I also like to ask for what I need.

pro acount or not, I remain,



gabi dickinson 12/24/2009 1:27 PM  

I wish I could donate, but my card that I use with Paypal is blocked because of the fraud. I called them today, and someone had tried to take over £300 from my account. I wish I could give towards your Flickr. Please know I believe ten million percent in you, and am continually blessed by everything you give us on this beautiful blog.

cuileann 12/24/2009 3:51 PM  

Gabi - Don't worry, a friend took care of it for me and I can upload to my heart's content now! Thank you so much.

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