Back at college

blanchard lawn

I love my classes. I attend lectures and read my textbooks and listen to music and drink tea with my friends and that's all I need. Really. I'm rooming with two sophomores who I do not relate to at all, but my days are so full of things that I love and find important, I don't mind in the slightest.

My classes are:
  • Political Philosophy
  • Old Testament in Three Traditions (that's Judaism, Christianity, and Islam)
  • Cross-Cultural Psychology
  • The City in Cultural Perspectives
  • Intermediate Modern Dance
And halfway through the semester I'll be swapping the psych class out for sociolinguistics. My, but I love my major.

Also, I don't believe I've mentioned that I've decided to do a gender studies certificate in addition to the anthropology major. Cue intellectual swoon.

I've been taking pictures with my cell phone in the absence of a digicam. See above for a taste of my new habitat.

HOWEVER I am no longer camera-less. I bid for a while on a Nikon D30x which eventually got out of my price range. (When I said that I couldn't afford a replacement camera, I meant I couldn't afford to make the jump up to one of the low-end DSLRs that I hoped would be my next camera...I was blogging in the heat of the moment; please forgive my imprecision.)

But I came to the realization that another point-and-shoot would still be miles better than no camera at all, and bought a refurbished Elph that Q recommended to me. Twelve megapixels for a mere $160. It came in the mail today and I am looking forward to some good bonding time with it.

What's been happening in your life?


Alla 1/13/2010 3:39 PM  

Your college campus looks so beautiful and I am so glad that you are relishing in every moment of life back there! Looking forward to seeing some photos from your new camera too! As for my life, I have been working a bit, not as much as I had been over Christmas, but I am enjoying my days off, laying in bed,, reading, sitting in the sun and seeing friends. I am considering not going back to university this semester now as my Masters course may be longer than what I had anticipated and I really would like to move out of home and find a real job, or something that is more permanent and full time. I am at a bit of a crossroads and my head is rather fuzzy. There is a boy that isn't helping my situation, but who I am looking forward to seeing this weekend! More to come on that later!

Bambola 1/13/2010 3:44 PM  

I'm so glad you got your camera! :)

Those classes sound so interesting and it's no wonder your happy being back at college. The snow there looks lovely too, yay for white winters.

Love you x

cuileann 1/13/2010 4:07 PM  

Alla - Yes, I LOVE the snow. I'm glad you're getting some rest and savoring it. I do not particularly like Being At A Crossroads personally, but of course you will figure out a good situation for yourself. *awaits Boy Story*

Bambola - Me.too. I think it's going to live in my pocket for the next few days, if not longer. (It's so dainty, barely bigger than my phone.)

Q 1/13/2010 4:44 PM  

Oh my gosh I want to take that Old Testament class.

Mia is very well.

Oh, and I have a surprise to tell you next time our paths cross.

cuileann 1/13/2010 4:49 PM  

Q - Ah, thank you for reminding me that she already has a name!

pinkapplecore 1/13/2010 4:58 PM  

ooooh look at all that snow....geez I know it must be cold. I start my classes tomorrow, Spanish 2 and enviormental science 2 hahahaha they sound so blah compared to your classes but then again I don't even think the place i'm going to offers half of those.


phampants 1/13/2010 7:32 PM  

When you get your camera, I think you should make a snow angel and take a picture of it

Maya Ganesan 1/13/2010 7:49 PM  

glad things are shaping up for you. Look at all that snow!

odessa 1/13/2010 8:52 PM  

its so good to hear from you! and yes, i'm swooning at those classes and now want to go back to school..ASAP! :)

p.s. did you get my mail over christmas?

cuileann 1/13/2010 10:19 PM  

pinkapplecore - Cold but not terribly so. Hope your first day goes well! And wait and see, I'm guessing wherever you transfer will have a lot of cool-sounding classes.

phampants - Indeed? I do not often wear clothes suitable for the making of snow angels, but I suppose I should make at least one per winter.

Maya - Thanks. I know, isn't it amazing? Of course, there are the places by the side of the road where it's practically black too. :P

Odessa - BAH I so wish I had been able to see you again before I left! But I'll be home in March, and I'm gladdened to see you are returned to your blog. YES I did get your gift, and I delighted in it. Have been using the penguins habitually.

Bridey 1/13/2010 11:05 PM  

Anthropology is great, the Cross Cultural Psych paper sounds very interesting!

Looking forward to seeing some photos with your new camera :)

gabi dickinson 1/14/2010 4:01 AM  

I want to dance across that snow.
It's beautiful where you study!

cuileann 1/14/2010 8:48 AM  

Bridey - Should have known you'd be an anthro buff, with all that wanderlust! :)

Gabi - Ah, I want to get my dancer friend to let me take some pictures of her in the snow, actually!

Anna 1/14/2010 2:31 PM  

This is so lovely. It's a lovely thought that you are back there and it sounds so very good, and so much like you all of a sudden, although somehow I never thought that Wheaton would sound like you.

I can't wait to see more of your pictures.

Erin 1/15/2010 12:49 PM  

those classes sound amazing.

enterrement de vie de jeune fille 1/16/2010 11:04 AM  

Magnifiques ces photos elles font rĂªver bravo

cuileann 1/18/2010 12:48 PM  

Erin - Getting to handpick them is pretty nice.

enterrement - Merci.

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