"Begin afresh, afresh, afresh..."

A good poem for a new year.

My hair is drying as I type and my digicam's gone into a coma.

I'm heading back to Chicago on Thursday to resume my career as a student at a private liberal arts college.

What will you make happen this year?


Summermoon 1/03/2010 11:57 PM  

I will make life happen. To me, and to other people.

gabi dickinson 1/04/2010 1:51 AM  

Being fully alive every second.
Is your snail mail address going to be different now? If so, please email me the new addy :)

Beth Kephart 1/04/2010 5:33 AM  

My thoughts are so with you, my friend. You will tell us all about it when you can, won't you? We will miss you too much otherwise.

Q 1/04/2010 6:07 AM  

Words cannot express how much I love your hair.

(Hey hey--my word verification was "recess." Hee hee.)

cuileann 1/04/2010 8:18 AM  

Summermoon - Here's to that.

Gabi - Every second...I want that in the forefront of my mind too. My address will be different, oui. Going to email you now.

Beth - Oh, of course of course!

Q - Nawthankss :)

Geo 1/06/2010 11:37 AM  

do you go to university of chicago? I applied there! AH. I LOVE IT.

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