Last night

Night is when it seems beautiful to me here. Night redeems many places for me. The sky come close—other people go to bed—it is quiet; there is no audience.

Last night I stood in the floor lounge with the lights off, watching out the window from on top of the heater. Footprints in the snow on the quad, the rainbow kind of Christmas lights in someone's room, the shadows of bare trees come inside the room with the light of our nights.

That is how this town is going to be redeemed for me, I think. Night.

So I hope you like nighttime photos, because I'm thinking there'll be a lot of them on the menu for the next few months.


pinkapplecore 1/23/2010 6:22 AM  

I really like the light through the window photos and of course the middle one. I like all of them! :)

gabi dickinson 1/23/2010 9:15 AM  

Oh this really made me smile.
He's just so wonderful at making beauty shine in the night <3

phampants 1/23/2010 9:33 AM  

People may be afraid of the dark, but I find night time so peaceful.

cuileann 1/23/2010 10:39 AM  

pinkapplecore - Thank you :)

Gabi - He is.

phampants - Oh, ditto all the way. I love being the only one awake, walking at night, etc.

Erin 1/23/2010 1:31 PM  

beautiful, indeed.

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