Night is undoing,
and I pluck bobby pins and stars from my hair like seeds to sow
across the carpeted floor of my bedroom

I roll the pads of my fingers across a rat scratch on my neck
for a moment pause and
listen to that traffic you could only not quite mistake for the sound of the tide

Thinking about the nights I walked
in the comfort of the darkness
(and how close it is).
but ask
who is out driving now,
who is out walking now?


Noël De Vries 3/27/2010 6:53 AM  


Danielle 3/27/2010 10:54 AM  

I really like this.

Je Reve 3/27/2010 2:01 PM  

I love the bobby pin description..

cuileann 3/27/2010 2:31 PM  

Danielle - Thank you.

Je Reve - Pulling bobby pins out of the hair, I always think that is one of the most elegant everyday gestures.

the girl from the moon 4/01/2010 8:51 PM  

i like the sound of traffic at night. miss you.

cuileann 4/03/2010 9:30 PM  

girl from the moon - Yes. Always reminds me of my 19th Avenue, when it isn't 19th Avenue. You too. <3

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