I love this one so.

Lessee, what can I say about her?

It's wonderful to be living in the same building as her again—
There's not much she doesn't know about me—
She has these fabulous little cackle-chuckle laughs which always make me laugh apart from the original source of merriment—
She was born of psychologists, and it shows (harhar)—
She loves Jonathan Safran Foer—
And she is, in most respects, the closest thing to a hobbit that I have met yet.


Every time it rains she just feels a lot better... 3/08/2010 9:27 PM  

These are so beautiful, and it's so good to see her face again! Thanks for posting them...

pinkapplecore 3/09/2010 7:46 AM  

she's so pretty!! Hobbits are awesome!!

cuileann 3/09/2010 11:12 AM  

Anna - You're welcome much.

pinkapplecore - I must agree, on both counts.

the rogue hobbit 3/09/2010 6:26 PM  

aww, shucks. they are very nice pictures, kudos to the photog. did you like that abbrev.? haha.

and i do love living with you too, my dear. :]

cuileann 3/10/2010 12:03 AM  

Hannah - haha, thanks for trusting me and nikki on that one. :P

aipingplum 4/08/2010 2:29 PM  

Does Hannah have a blog? Tell her I say hi. I'm pretty sure I like her, too.

cuileann 4/08/2010 6:26 PM  

aipingplum - Yup! http://snapshotsofayoungsoul.blogspot.com is her piece of real estate. Dude, you guys got along so well...shall pass on the greeting. :)

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