Sucking out the poison

Discontent and envy come out in ugly ways.

Why does everyone else get a sweet DSLR setup? Why am I still stuck using a point-and-shoot and toy cameras and a camera phone? I'm talented! I deserve better! It's holding me back! Not fair!

...blah blah blah.

Notes to self:

1. What Elizabeth Sarah said is true.
2. Your own camera setup is not half so lame as you make it out to be.
3. Peaceful spirit first, better equipment later.


Debbie Barr 4/29/2010 5:18 PM  

And let's face it. You're talents shine whether you have a fancy camera or not (and same goes for total lack of talent).

Debbie Barr 4/29/2010 5:18 PM  


aipingplum 4/29/2010 5:44 PM  

You went to Australia and Iceland. ^-^

Holly 4/29/2010 5:48 PM  

Debbie - Yes, haha, I try to tell myself that without getting all, "YOU'RE more talented because you can get by without equipment as a crutch!"

aipingplum - I know, right? And it couldn't have been better if I'd had a nicer camera with me.

Girl in the Black Beret 4/29/2010 5:54 PM  

Fancy cameras don't make good photos. Good photographers do. You are an AMAZING photographer & I am often envious of your style of photography.

So ner.

Also : You came to Australia.

Holly 4/29/2010 6:13 PM  

Girl in the Black Beret - I did, didn't it? Thank you.

pinkapplecore 4/29/2010 6:44 PM  

I agree with Girl in the Black Beret, it's not the equipment it's the person....and I have been so envious of your shots, so don't ever think your not great because you are!

typewriter heather 4/29/2010 6:47 PM  

There are always better cameras. Always.

Inkgirl 4/29/2010 8:12 PM  

Fancy cameras have nothing to do with it. I use my iPhone(3 meg), nothing more. You can always spend 3000 + on a camera and not take a single picture.

Holly 4/29/2010 8:59 PM  

pinkapplecore - Thanks, amiga.

typewriter heather - This is true, this is true...and discontentment indulged doesn't exactly go away.

Inkgirl - But I would. ;)

Poppy 4/29/2010 11:40 PM  

I have dslr and my photos are absolutely nothing compared to yours. Also having a dslr can sometimes encourage one to laziness.

Inkgirl 4/30/2010 11:54 AM  

Holly-- True. I have no reason to doubt that. But I do think that the magnificence of your pictures taken with an *even* better camera than you have now would make people faint at first sight. Keep us standing-- stick to the camera you have. ;)

Erin 4/30/2010 12:36 PM  

Yes, what she said IS true, and it shows it shows it shows in your pictures.

Holly 4/30/2010 11:58 PM  

Poppy - Mm. Hmm. Nods, thinking about laziness. Thanks. :)

Inkgirl - Ha! Thanks. Hehe.

Erin - Thank you. Feeling much more content today.

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