Narnia night

From the aforementioned read-aloud marathon through Voyage of the Dawn Treader. We were outside by the fire until it started to rain around dusk. We read the rest of it inside with blankets and lightning, changing reader by chapter. There was fairy bread and a grunty cockapoo for additional company. Starting at the Dark Island part, we turned off all the lights and read by flashlight.




shannon 5/05/2010 8:45 PM  

So cute. Definitely the nicest way to read Narnia :)

Danielle 5/05/2010 9:44 PM  

I think you guys are amazing for doing that. (:

the rogue hobbit 5/06/2010 6:53 AM  

yes, i love this and i love you. sweet memories!

Jenica 5/06/2010 11:42 AM  

such magic :)

geekspawn 5/06/2010 4:33 PM  

Mm this looks lovely.

odessa 5/06/2010 5:40 PM  

oh, this looks magical!

Kayla 5/08/2010 10:06 PM  

I love this idea. It's amazing.

Holly 5/09/2010 11:41 PM  

shannon - oh yes! at least, that we've thought of so far.

Danielle - Will you try it sometime, you think?

the rogue hobbit - yess. <3

Jenica - ah, it was.

geekspawn - the perfect destressor after classes finished but before finals started.

odessa - is narnia on that list of books everyone says you should read, but you haven't?

Kayla - it was a wonderful evening; try it if you ever have a group of book-loving good friends together with a few hours to spare!

Je Reve 5/10/2010 10:54 AM  

That looks awesome...

Holly 5/10/2010 12:17 PM  

Je Reve - yes, it was quite lovely and just what we all needed, i think.

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