Things that are making me happy

wind that doesn't make you cold

a hair ribbon with a manshirt

taking pictures on instant films again

I've gotten through three papers in the last week and a half. Only one remains, though it is the most intimidating.

taking pictures of people who don't stay still

I'll be done with the semester and home in San Francisco in a week.

dreams and half-schemes for the summer

A read-aloud marathon with my best friends. We read all the way through The Voyage of the Dawn Treader last night.

and I really love The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. It's my favorite Narnia book. You?

the smell of wood smoke and the way it lingers in your hair and clothes

going on walks with friends

soy cappuccinos

the sweet smell soy milk gets when it's steamed


Sonia. 5/01/2010 12:42 PM  

Yes we have warm wind too - if we have had some warm days in England, the Summer must definitely be on its way! Hope you're good Holly, haven't spoken to you in a while xx

Marie DeVries 5/01/2010 12:46 PM  

I love wind like that, too!

and The Voyage is also my favorite Narnia book, easily. Which makes me quite excited and nervous at the same time for the movie that comes out this Christmas...

by the by, reading the things that make you happy makes me happy, too :)

pinkapplecore 5/01/2010 4:45 PM  

oooh i like the smell of wood burning... :D

Erin 5/01/2010 4:50 PM  

mmm these are all great, great things.

Holly 5/01/2010 5:51 PM  

Sonia - Ah, isn't it the loveliest? I'm really well...this semester has been bumpy, but overall wonderful. I hope you are well too. <3

Marie - Christmas! My friends and I were wondering. Yikes, yes, I shall be rather nervous too.

pinkapplecore - I forget, do you guys have a fireplace or a wood-burning stove thing at your house?

Erin - :)

geekspawn 5/01/2010 7:47 PM  

I love wind that doesn't make you cold. We're getting lots of it right now :) And VOTDT is by far my favorite Narnia book, followed by Silver Chair.
And I also love the smell of wood smoke; whenever my family goes camping they're all rushing to wash the smell our of their hair and I'm always a little sad because it smells so right, like that's what a person is supposed to smell like.

Sarah Louise 5/02/2010 2:37 AM  

voyage is my favorite too. Glad you are making happy lists. :)

Ack, now we'll be back on bizarre time zone changes when you're back in SF.

Beth Kephart 5/02/2010 4:27 AM  

when you are happy, we are.... made it!!

did my package arrive? hope it gets there before you leave.

Noël De Vries 5/02/2010 5:39 AM  

another for voyage...

your photos are making me homesick for illinois...

Holly 5/02/2010 11:26 AM  

geekspawn - Psh, like you EVER get truly cold wind! ;) I wrote one of my last NaPoWriMo poems about smokey hair actually.

Sarah Louise - I would like to get back into the habit...

Beth - Yes I did! And yes it did! It's the carrot I'm dangling in front of myself for when I finish Everything!

Noel - Mmm. How much longer are you ovah theah?

Priya 5/02/2010 11:27 AM  

Wind that doesn't make you cold would be nice... it's been very windy and cold here. :-(

Holly 5/02/2010 11:29 AM  

Priya - Ah. I hope your summer's not too much longer in coming...

Jenica 5/02/2010 12:03 PM  

mm i love reading the things that make you happy, especially the unexpected (a hair ribbon and a manshirt)
i need to read all the narnias again *after hearing them read twice (thrice maybe?)*

geekspawn 5/02/2010 1:06 PM  

Y'know darling, it does get below 90 degrees here like, four days a year.

pinkapplecore 5/02/2010 3:18 PM  

whooops my mom was signed in.....yeah my grandmother had a fireplace, so did mom but they sealed it up. Bon-fires are nice too :)

Danika 5/02/2010 3:40 PM  

A read aloud marathon? I have to try this! :)

Holly 5/02/2010 8:39 PM  

Jenica - also...hey, how do the second half of NaPoWriMo go for you?

geekspawn - oh, right! and below ninety degrees equals cold! gotcha. no, I respect your right to construct relativist standards of weather if it pleases you.

pinkapplecore - Bonfires are teh best. On the!

Danika - Yes, it's wonderful! Tell me when you pick a book!

geekspawn 5/02/2010 9:07 PM  

Nah. Cold is below fifty.

Jenica 5/03/2010 7:35 AM  

holly - it was great! I think I wrote some of my best poems yet :)

Edge 5/03/2010 9:10 AM  

Thank you for Happy Things posts, because they spread the happy around :)

And I love VOTDT, but The Magician's Nephew I almost like best, just because it ties it all together. :)

Je Reve 5/03/2010 9:58 AM  

The Horse and His Boy is my favorite, closely followed by VOTDT. I was reading some nice Eva Ibbotson aloud yesterday... Yum.
And concurrence on the wind.

Holly 5/03/2010 12:08 PM  

geekspawn - FINE I'm done mocking you. <3

Jenica - That's awesome! Congrats :)

Edge - Mm, I could do with a rereading of that one.

Je Reve - Oh, Eva Ibbotson seems so well suited to reading aloud! Which one was it?

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