Lake part two.

My mama hiding from the wind on the ski boat we rented.

(The lake glitters with fool's gold.)

My big sister Megan.

My bruzzer-in-law FELIPE eating lettuce. (JK his name is Phil and there was other food inside the lettuce.)

Megs running away from the bee.

Essence of beach.

I looove the cloud shadows on the trees.

Married peoples.

Revolutionary in my lap.


Beach lunch detritus.


Cassandra 6/13/2010 10:37 PM  

What is this gorgeous place? o.o

Holly 6/13/2010 10:45 PM  

Cassandra - Bass Lake! Near Yosemite.

Jenica 6/14/2010 6:18 PM  

Looks like lovely times! And perfect weather, no?

Holly 6/14/2010 11:57 PM  

Jenica - Yes, it was a nice change for my family, which is used to living under fog cover.

Erin 7/11/2010 7:14 PM  

these are so happymaking.

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