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Shopping: WhoWhatWhereWhenWhy?
Clothes shopping I do alone or with my little sister, mostly secondhand except for H&M or the occasional Etsy purchase. Usually only when I've been feeling a pinch in my wardrobe week, or when a staple has worn out or whatever.

I do like to do the produce shopping for our house sometimes, too. Haha. My neighborhood has the best produce stores.

If you could live out one fairytale, well-known or obscure, which would it be?
"The Little Mermaid" but in reverse. The Little Human who becomes a mermaid! And with the happy Disney ending, pls.

How did you make this nifty question box?
*points here*

Recommend a weirdly cool or coolly weird blog!
Well, spider is weird and cool. And Em's writing is weird and brilliant. Will that do?

Favorite color?
No favorites, just whatever I'm in the mood for. But I think a lot of my outfits are neutrals + a deep blue or purple.

What's a happy memory of yours?
Sitting on the terrace in the backyard of my German host family's house, in the late afternoon when the temperature was comfortable. It looked out onto the beginning of a forest; their house was at the edge of their little town. We'd drink cold tea and eat some sweet baked thing and just talk and relax. It's always what I think of when I read something about Europeans having a slower pace of life.


Jenica 7/14/2010 6:36 PM  

Isn't that Disney's "The Little Mermaid 2"? ;) Although I actually haven't seen it, I think it's about Ariel's daughter returning to the sea.
How long were you in Germany, and what were you doing?

Erin 7/14/2010 7:07 PM  

I love your answer to the second Q :)

Krystal 7/17/2010 12:46 PM  

I'm agreeing with the slower pace of life - there's nothing they like doing better in switzerland than lounging al fresco with drinks in hand

Em 1/15/2011 5:25 AM  

Digging through your stellar archives I discovered this! A mention of yours truly! Thank you Holly, much obliged.

Holly 1/15/2011 6:04 PM  

Em - Your writing is deserving of mention and much more. xo

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