I'm making something

And I need some answers from other people for it.

Tell me something(s) you have hoped, wished, or prayed for for a long time.

Comment anonymously if you like, or email me (wie.ein.lied at gmail dot com). But please, tell me. I am thinking today about the way hopes age and I want to create this small thing I have in mind.


Shannon - Some Pretty Things Photography 7/05/2010 3:41 AM  

rope, with know, in last post *sigh*
If I had money, I'd buy prints.

For the longest time I have wanted a pony. I know that's completely irrational, the kind of thing young girls with pigtails ask Santa for, but I never got one and so every time anyone asks me what I want for christmas/birthday/etc I say a pony.

As a result I have a collection of My Little Ponies. Totally not the same thing.

Erin Wilson 7/05/2010 7:15 AM  

Love. Completely elusive.

geekspawn 7/05/2010 3:08 PM  

An astounding discovery of any kind. Not necessarily astounding to anyone else, just to me. Hasn't happened yet, but I've made plenty of smaller ones and I am hopeful that soon something will turn up if I hunt hard enough.

Anonymous 7/05/2010 8:34 PM  

It's going to sound really stupid, but for years I've wished to be discovered by some sort of agent and become a famous actress.

Cheray 7/05/2010 8:55 PM  

To live in a old tiny apartment in San Francisco and spend my days wandering the streets, sipping delicious coffees, snapping photos and writing.
That has been my dream for the greater part of a decade...
(while I have been there and done these things, it is never for longer then a week...I need much longer to soak it all in)

Je Reve 7/06/2010 10:14 AM  

To discover that my hope is not unrequited.

Krystal 7/09/2010 2:38 AM  


Afthi 7/09/2010 6:12 AM  

I have a quaint ambition to live in a small cottage on a mountain near the sea, with half a dozen cats and a typewriter, making my living from delicious words and all the ideas that swirl around in my head.

Anonymous 9/07/2010 12:04 PM  


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