This was not recent

Starting in February, there were these nights when I couldn't sleep because I got mad depressed as soon as the lights were off and I was alone with my thoughts. The first time it was because I had had too much espresso too late, so I just sat there heaving sobs until my roomie woke up. She was the best. She would distract me, tell stories or read aloud or pull me out to walk to the neighboring elementary school's playground. Or not distract me. Whichever helped. We came back at four in the morning and burned incense and boiled water for tea to spell away the demons. By then I'd be tired enough to fall asleep, tired enough that I'd almost fall asleep on the floor while my tea steeped. It was some kind of rose flavor, stolen from our cafeteria, which I later found out was artificially flavored. Raspberry rose. Anyways that was kind of a shame. And the next day we'd both be dead on our feet, sleep as soon as we got out of class, as much as we could afford before starting homework, and wait until we had to do it all again. Night depression is the worst thing I've ever been through and I'm grateful I didn't deal with it often after that semester. She was the best, though.


Krystal 7/09/2010 2:36 AM  

That is a good roomate. People who understand are priceless..

Maya Ganesan 7/09/2010 11:27 AM  

To be able to share a room with someone like that requires incredible luck. I wish there were more people like her out there.

Holly 7/09/2010 9:03 PM  

Yes, she is quite precious.

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