Mori girls

Earlier this week Odessa and I went driving up north to Point Reyes. It's a beautiful drive through the redwoods.

For a while we were driving parallel to this tempting little stream. The glimpses that we caught through the trees of it, clear and golden and winding, convinced us to pull over and climb out for a better look and some pictures.

And go wading. Of course.

It made me remember two summers ago visiting my roommate at her family's home in New Hampshire. Her youngest sisters spent so much time frolicking in the creek behind their house. I was a little jealous. I don't usually notice, but I am very much a city child. Taking off my shoes in the forest to go wading in some fresh running water is pretty darn exciting.

I'll have some photos for you from Point Reyes itself in a few days. It was gray and felt like how I imagine Jane Eyre's moors; completely different from the pictures I've showed you before from there.


odessa 8/14/2010 11:13 PM  

oh, i love how the pics turned out! the windshield pic reminds me of my near-heart attack hearing those grinding noises from my car. i took to honda 2 days ago and guess what, it's still there. long story but hopefully it is all fixed by monday. thanks for posting this!

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