The sweetest portion of each day here the time we spend in the water.

Something weird: how it is when you wipe out and you're being held underwater in the thick of a break that's tumbling into shore. There's nothing to do but wait until you can come up. You can't breathe or see. It only lasts three or four seconds, but they're the clearest, sharpest seconds. There's nothing you can do but hold your breath and keep your eyes closed and wait. And you are calm. It is calm.

I'll have some pictures from the Zenit for you tomorrow. :)









her 8/03/2010 12:32 AM  

these pictures are so gorgeous.
and i always think about aging. i specialized in gerontology as a social worker and worked with at-risk cases...saddest time of my life.
p.s. here's the new blog address, ok?

odessa 8/03/2010 12:49 AM  

oooooh..i'm so jealous. it's freezing here! can you send some soCal sunshine our way?

pinkapplecore 8/03/2010 6:22 AM  

i love when the camera gets sun kissed! hope you are having fun!

Q 8/03/2010 8:55 AM  

See, when I wipe out and get stuck underwater, I am definitely NOT calm. Which is why I avoid it at all costs.

Holly 8/03/2010 5:11 PM  

her - Oh, thanks for the new address. :) Are you sitll a social worker?

odessa - Oh, but I wish I could.

pinkapplecore - Yes, ftw :D

Q - Yes, I didn't used to tolerate it calmly. But when you can't do anything and you know you'll come up in time...why not?

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