A LETTER from Jeanima (7/26/10)

Our girl in Haiti! You can see them bigger by clicking through and going "actions/view all sizes." It came in the mail just a few days ago. (Letters take a while to go through processing, yeah.)

It's addressed to me, but of course y'all are the ones really sponsoring her. Please let me know if there's anything you'd like me to ask her or any other message from you, and I'll include it in my next letter to her.


Debbie Barr 10/05/2010 7:24 PM  

Oh, how sweet! Thanks so much for sharing it with us. I suppose I don't have anything to say, but at least one of her sponsors likes chicken! :)

Holly 10/05/2010 11:02 PM  

Debbie - isn't it? the letters are one of the best parts on our side. I shall tell her that, given that I really should be representing myself as an amalgamation of your identities, and that "I don't eat meat" is a rather puritanical answer. :)

Vixel 10/06/2010 6:02 AM  

What an sweet letter, I love that she addresses you as "Miss Holly", so adorable!

Holly 10/06/2010 8:22 PM  

Vixel - isn't it? my favorite part's the drawings. the Kenyan boy I sponsor myself always draws helicopters and cows. (darn good ones.)

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