Things that are making me happy

teaching my fellow copy editor how to wear a scarf. he's an MK from West Africa. should be fun to see how he likes the first snow.

new tea in my stash: tangerine orange. I don't usually care much for fruit teas, but I needed more nighttime-suitable choices.

Netflix instant streaming.

hearing intermittent howling and cries of "STRAGGLER!" coming from outside, seeing loners walking around with Nerf guns behind their backs. Zombies vs. Humans has just been organized as an intramural sport. beautiful.

L.M. Montgomery.

going off coffee for a while to bring the caffeine tolerance back down. I don't drink it regularly enough to be addicted, but a tolerance definitely builds up over the course of the semester, and I do not support that.

the promise of more black-and-white shooting.


falling asleep in a bed made with freshly washed sheets.

how having the option of not doing doing something makes it easier to do.

Two Bicycles. like the casting of a spell under unfamiliar trees. "The Holy Forest/Forever" and "Run" are my favorites.

when professors go away to conferences. especially when they happen to teach your only morning class.


anilee 11/23/2010 12:23 PM  

I'm trying to cut down on my caffeine consumption, too. Unfortunately, I really only like caffeinated beverages....

Priya 11/23/2010 12:50 PM  

Tangerine orange tea sounds interesting...

Girl in the Black Beret 11/23/2010 4:38 PM  

Love this. These are so healthy. <3

Jenica 11/23/2010 8:15 PM  

Mm, freshly washed sheets...(Now instead of "Eating a Tangerine", your blog name can be "Drinking Tangerine Tea"...)

Holly 11/24/2010 8:05 PM  

anilee - are you opposed to decaf or half-caf?

Priya - it's not very strong, just a little bit of a tang plus the scent.

Girl in the Black Beret - yours are a good reminder to me.

Jenica - haha, it could be! at least tea bags never go out of season. [speaking of which: SO excited for tangerine season!!!]

Edge 11/25/2010 5:41 PM  

I completely love all of these. (But especially the Zombies vs. Humans one.)

Holly 11/25/2010 11:19 PM  

Edge - I feel that you would be almost as passionate about that as you are about ultimate if you got your chance!

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